WordPress Disinfection

Retrieves the peace of mind knowing that your WordPres is free from viruses and hackers

We disinfect your website eliminating viruses, intrusions and malicious code from your WordPress quickly so you do not have to worry and can focus on what's important: Your Business

Have a Team of Experts working for you WordPress!

We are WordPress Experts

We help business owners and entrepreneurs to protect their customers disinfecting your websites WordPress of any malicious code at an affordable price, giving them the peace of mind knowing that your website is in good hands.

We Disinfect your WordPress website

Our services of clean and disinfection of viruses and hackers, gives you peace of mind that your website is care by experts. Retrieves your time to spend on the important things in your business.

We Care for the Reputation of your Business

Strengthen your brand by giving your visitors the security of navigate free from viruses and hackers. We disinfect your WordPress to protect your work and your reputation.

Have a Team of Experts working for you WordPress

Save time and money and avoid headaches and loss of reputation and focus on more important things to do... generate new leads and make more sales!

What you Get when you hire us?

Our WordPress Disinfection Service is your best ally. You no have to worry about that your website to be a problem for your customers. Dedicate yourself to sell and let us deal with viruses and hackers.

  • Virus disinfection and cleaning of Malicious Code in the WordPress core, plugins and themes.
  • Analysis, disinfection and cleaning the database.
  • Detection and removal of backdoors installed by hackers or viruses.
  • Review and correction of configuration and parameters recommended to minimize future risks.
  • If the web has been marked as unsafe by Google or Facebook, we manage the request.
  • We manage the deleted of your web domain form blacklisting of the most important antivirus.
  • We intensive monitoring your WordPress for 30 days to ensure that disinfection is complete.
  • Over all Expertise from our team of WordPress fans!

See what think some of our customers

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When my clients browse my WordPress from Google, they see a red page saying that my site could infect their computers. I had been hacked! After much research and not reach any solution, I hired the experts of WPSOS911.com and soon my website was clean and put to make money again.

Nicol Pardo PaleoGuia.com

Unscrupulous Hackers used my website to capture passwords for banking services... and I had not noticed!... until I received an email warning me about the legal implications that could suffer. Immediately hired WPSOS911.com and they took care of everything so I could be calm again. I recommend.

Amalia Mader Quedar-Embarazada.com

Over 48 hours without sales on my site because a Hacker Russians - YES Russians! - Resend my visitors to your web of para-pharmacy! Not only lost money, my brand's reputation is being affected. Fortunately, the guys of WPSOS911.com acted quickly and eliminated the intruders. 100% recommended.

Marcial Cardoso NoticiasdelDiadeHoy.com

We will be Happy to Help!

We have a WordPress Disinfection Service of excellence, the best price and greatest benefits.

If you have any questions about our service or need personal attention, please contact us.

30 days Satisfaction Guarantee!

We are sure that you will love our WordPress Disinfection Service, but we want to show you.

If our service fail to comply with your expectations in 30 days, we will refund the money.

We love working with you right now!

FAQ - Questions and Answers

- Why should I trust in you the disinfection and cleaning of the website of my business?

Because everything we do is in relation to WordPress, we have a lot of experience and we know what to do and how. You will have at your disposal a group of experts who can disinfect and clean any kind of hack or intrusion.


- What information from my website you need?

In order of eliminate any malicious code on your web site quickly, we need administrator access to your WordPress and credentials to access the control panel of your web hosting. You can share with us your current user or create a new one exclusively for us.


- How I can pay for the service?

We accept all credit cards and PayPal.


- Do you work in disinfect WordPress Multisite?

Yeah, totally. Each multisite installation count as a website.


- I have my website at WordPress.com . Can I use your disinfection service?

Unfortunately, we only work with auto hosted WordPress.


Stop worrying about your WordPress Now!

Our Mission

We help business owners and entrepreneurs to solve problems and improve their WordPress based websites at an affordable price, giving them the peace of mind that your website is in good hands.

The WPSOS911.com Team